Move Further Up The Management World
Supervisory Management - Advance Level

This is a comprehensive programme developed to train persons in the field of Management. It is structured to cover most of the key areas of Leadership and Management and its purpose is to teach the attendees the principles of effective leadership. Additionally, this programme focuses on participants developing their own leadership style and using it to their advantage.

Start Date: Wednesday 9th October 2017

End Date: Wednesday 29th November 2017

Duration: 24 Contact Hours | 8 Days Wednesdays only

Time: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Cost: TT$1,500

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

 How to Build Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
 Business Etiquette and Building Relationships for Success in Business
 How to Have Effective Meetings
 Time Management - Get More Done in Less Time
 Stress Management - How to Stay Productive Under Pressure
Anger Management - How to Tone Down When You're Ticked Off
Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
Change Management - Adjusting and Adapting for Success

*Students without sufficient management experience will be required to first do the Introductory Level.
*All course materials will be provided to you.